Mama Bottle

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The Hydration Bottle for Pregnancy and Postpartum, 800ml (27oz)

The first-ever water tracking bottle specifically designed to support you through pregnancy and breastfeeding to meet your daily recommended water needs. 

Keeping properly hydrated matters more in pregnancy and postpartum. Both you and your baby depend on it. 

The Mama Bottle shows you the recommended amount of water you should drink each day and provides you a simple, intuitive, timed-guide to help you reach it. It is the simplest, most powerful tool to help you create an optimal environment to nourish and grow your baby, and take care of yourself as well. 

At times, self-care can be really difficult. The Mama Bottle empowers you to make it easier, and gives you comfort knowing you are getting enough water. 


Customer Reviews

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love it!

Love that it’s cute to look at and holds a lot of water/ you only have to fill it up a few times. It’s definitely been helping me drink more water!

Best Water Bottle

This water bottle is amazing! Simple, beautiful, functional...everything you need! I will be gifting these to all my mom friends!


LOVE this bottle! I am a but of a water bottle junky and always looking for fun new ones to try and get me motivated to drink my daily water needs. Love the color choices and style. I was worried about the glass bottle feeling really fragile but it isn't at all! Only complaint is that is doesn't fit in my cupholder in the car.

love it!

obsessed with my mama bottle! it’s beautiful and sturdy. i have never been able to find a pregnancy tracking bottle that had function as well as beautiful design and this one is perfect.

So good

I am completely obsessed with this bottle. I don't use any of my other water bottles since I got it. Not only is it gorgeous but it's easy to drink out of, easy to clean, and seems very well made. My two year old always wants to drink out of it instead of her sippy cups as well. I did buy the straw lid to go with the bottle, which I always use. This bottle has definitely helped me stay better hydrated. I'm already ready to order another color!

Why it matters.

Taking care of you is equally as important as taking care of your little one. Proper hydration has a significant impact on maternal well-being as well as your baby's.